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5th Grade Expectations

5th Grade Students Are Expected To:

  • Be respectful to adults and peers
  • Follow directions the first time
  • Be in dress code
  • Stay on task
  • Work quietly and do not disrupt others
  • Turn in all assignments and homework on time
  • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves
  • Be prepared with all needed supplies
  • Show respect for school and personal property



The goal of each child is to keep their Class Dojo “clean” or without any marks for the entire six weeks.  Marks are given for behavior that does not meet class expectations.  Students who have 5 marks or less in a six weeks period will enjoy a reward or reward activity at the end of the six weeks.



Marks in a one week period for Level One Offenses:

1 mark – Warning

2 marks – Recess Detention

3 marks – Additional Day of Recess Detention/Parent Phone Call or Note

4 marks – Additional Day of Recess Detention/Conference w/Parent & Student or Possible Office Referral

5 or more marks – Office Referral

Level Two and Level Three Offenses: Students committing Level Two or Three Offenses will be immediately referred to the principal for disciplinary action.  Please see the MES Student Handbook for further explanation of Level Two and Three Offenses.