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Meet the Principal

MES Principal Chris Robertson.

MES Principal


Welcome to Malakoff Elementary! 
Malakoff Elementary is an OUTSTANDING school saturated with professional and caring staff.  Our motto is “Better Together,” and we firmly believe that when parents, guardians, and teachers stay united and share the same high expectations for students, then we ALL succeed. Please support us in our mission of BUILDING WORLD CHANGERS!
2021-2022 will be an AMAZING year, and we ask that you help us help your child be the most successful they can be. Parents and guardians have entrusted MES to provide a positive and nurturing environment for their children that is conducive to learning. MES takes this responsibility very seriously, and we ask that you always communicate with us if you ever have concerns or questions.
We will encounter challenges along the way, but I feel confident that we as a school family will persevere. We encourage you to volunteer and participate in the various events and programs throughout the year. This demonstrates to your child that WE are UNITED in doing what is best for their educational needs. Let’s support one another to help your child reach their maximum potential.
It is a great time to be a Tiger because we are “BETTER TOGETHER”!


Chris Robinson
Malakoff Elementary
310 N. Terry 
Malakoff, Texas 75148
O: 903.489.0313
F: 903.489.1536