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5th Grade Dress Code

5th Grade DRESS CODE

 [There will be no exposed skin from the collarbone to the knee.)

• Attire will be clean and hemmed and shall not have holes, rips, or cuts. If jeans are distressed, there must be material attached from the inside (sewn or ironed on) so that no skin is exposed.

• Clothing shall not imply or promote alcohol, sex, drugs, tobacco, violence, gangs, racial slurs, or offensive language.

• Sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets are acceptable, but may not be worn to cover up a dress code violation.

• Clothes must be the appropriate size where undergarments are not defined or undergarments visible. No sagging allowed.

• No swimwear is acceptable.

• Shirts must be buttoned to the top and may not be V-neck.

• Dresses must have sleeves.

• Shoes must be worn. No flip-flops, shower shoes, or house shoes.

• No headgear or sunglasses will be allowed inside the building.

• If boys hair extends beyond the collar, it must be put into a ponytail.

• Hair must be neat, clean, and of natural color. No extreme Hair Styles (ex. Mohawk, Spiked, Etc.)

• No accessory may be spiked, studded, or contain chains.

• Boys may not display visible piercings, make-up, or fingernail polish.

• Girls may not have more than 3 piercings  per ear and no other visible piercings are allowed.

• No visible tattoos are allowed.