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What to expect in my class

IMPORTANT: WHAT TO EXPECT IN READING 4TH AND 5th SIX WEEK. When we come back from Christmas break, your child will demonstrate their knowledge from the first semester. Basic comprehension is not focused on. Instead, your child will see much more challenging questions and answer choices. You can see how challenging this work is by asking your child to give you their paper nightly.  See the last paragraph.  

Expect a drop in grades for the 4th and 5th six weeks. Your child is being challenged. It will take him/her time to learn to process how to read the questions being asked and how to think through various answers to reach a conclusion. Gone are the days of turning the page to find the answer in reading. Your child must think, reason, and talk through answers. A quick answer is not an option.  I have seen that the report card grade for fourth six weeks almost always matches the score on the STAAR test.  

I am here for your child and you. I understand the frustration your child and you feel as he/she progresses through fifth grade. Please contact me any time. I AM HERE TO HELP!

 WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Before your child leaves my class for the day, we have gone over every passage. He/She should be able to pull out the passage and show you what he/she missed. He/She should be able to tell you why he/she missed it and why the correct answer is the best choice. Your child can do corrections, but it must be done at school using an entirely different passage. Since I allow corrections (using an entirely different passage), no student should fail reading for the six weeks. We will do passages three days a week.